Caitlin Fisher

Directs the Augmented Reality Lab at York University. She held the Canada Research Chair in Digital Culture for the past decade. A 2013 Fulbright Chair, Fisher is the recipient of many international awards for digital storytelling including the International Electronic Literature Organization Award for Fiction and the Vinaròs Prize for AR poetry. Her research-creation explores the potential of using emerging technologies to tell compelling stories that matter and sharing these tools with new users.

Surveillance and New Literary forms project

Canada, 2016

Exploring the possibilities for the use of phenomenological AR in theatre and performance. While theatre has been used as a research method in the social sciences and humanities to evoke embodied ways of knowing, her current research uses theatrical methods, including improvisation and games, to explore surveillance.

Augmented Reality Freedom Stories

Canada and USA

The Augmented Reality Lab collaborated with the Harriet Tubman Institute to create AR apps for educational use. Augmented Reality Freedom Stories highlights seldom told African Canadian histories from the era of the Canada/US Underground Railroad including Harriet Tubman’s efforts to bring American slaves to freedom in Canada.


A site-specific AR piece created for a heritage site that uses diaries and materials from Ontario settlers as a point of departure to consider gender, race, private and public space, loss, longing, and time. Through fractal and non-linear narrative, this piece played with both real objects and accounts, and fictional, whispered secrets.

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