Edward Jones-Imhotep

Edward Jones-Imhotep is a historian of the social and cultural life of machines, focusing on the intertwined histories of technology, trust, and social order in modern Europe and North America. He is co-developer of artifact-based methods for historical research in visual and aural culture. His research uses the historical study of technology as a lens for exploring the place of machines and machine behavior in the social and cultural fabric of modern societies.

Conference: Materiality   


This conference explored materiality as both historical object and emerging idiom in historical studies of science and technology. The conference also explored emerging research tools and modes of scholarly expression that move beyond traditional text into sounds, visuals and objects. Through paper presentations, hands-on sessions, exhibits and installations, about the conference discussed materiality as historical object, intellectual resource, and scholarly expression.

The Analog Archive: Image-Mining the History of Electronics

“The Analog Archive: Image-Mining the History of Electronics” details the development of image-mining tools for searching and parsing large databases of visual records. Together with William Turkel, the paper applies image-mining techniques to electronics diagrams, with an eye towards more general use in the history of visual cultures writ large, such as being proposed in the Expressive Cultures project. The paper is forthcoming in a volume, Seeing the Past: Augmented Reality and Computer Vision in Historical Practice, edited by Kevin Kee.

Sensors and Sources: Transducers and the Practice of Digital History


Drawing both on episodes in the history of science and technology and on recent work in digital history, “Sensors and Sources: Transducers and the Practice of Digital History” (with William Turkel) provides a perspective on how electronic devices shape our sense of the possibilities of perceiving, experiencing, interpreting or remembering various pasts, whether real, recreated or fabricated. The paper is forthcoming in in The Varieties of Historical Experience, edited by Stephan Palmié and Charles Stewart.

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