Carl James

As the Jean Augustine Chair in Education, Community & Diaspora at York University and former Director of the York Centre for Education & Community, he teaches in the Faculty of Education and in the Graduate Program in Sociology and Social Work. His training is in Sociology, and he received an Honorary Doctorate (2006) from Uppsala University, Sweden, where he taught in the Department of Education from 1997-2012. A Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, he is one of six Education Advisors to the Minister of Education and Premier of Ontario.

Race and well-being: the lives, hopes and activism of African Canadian


Through in-depth qualitative and quantitative research with African Canadians in three Canadian cities – (Calgary, Toronto and Halifax) Race and Well-Being: The Lives, Hopes and Activism of African Canadians explores how experiences of racism, combined with other social and economic factors, affect the health and well-being of African Canadians. Rejecting the notion that Black communities are homogeneous, this book gives a detailed examination of three distinct communities: Caribbean, immigrant African and Canadian Black. The authors also explore how individuals, families and communities can better understand and challenge racism.

Life at the Intersection: Community, Class and Schooling


The intersection of Jane and Finch in Toronto’s north end has long been portrayed as one of Canada’s most troubled neighborhoods, with images of social dysfunction, shootings and “at risk” youth dominating media accounts. Setting out to discover what it means – and what it takes – to grow up in this economically disadvantaged and racially and ethnically diverse neighborhood, Life at the Intersection engages young people, parents and educators in exploring the experiences, issues, perceptions and ambitions of the youth of this community.

The Jean Augustine Chair in Education, Community & Diaspora

The Jean Augustine Chair in Education, Community & Diaspora is a university chair in the Faculty of Education which aims to advance access, equity and inclusivity to education through community engagement and collaborative action. First launched in 2008, the chair holder initiates, facilitates, directs and engages in research, educational programs, and community partnerships which are culturally responsive and relevant to the educational and social needs, interests and aspirations of Black and other racialized communities. Towards Race Equity in Education: The schooling of Black students in the Greater Toronto Area (2017) is an example of the activities of the Jean Augustine Chair and is the result of community consultations.

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