Mary Townsend

A doctor of science in history who is ready to deliver essay writing help of the premium quality and share tutoring tips. She has been working for this industry for almost six years.

Mary is getting a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree at the Monterey College of Law. She has been studying law for over five years now and pursues a career in the field. Mary always had several part-time jobs to be able to pay the tuition, and one and a half years ago, she started working as an academic writer at

She says it is a great opportunity to combine studies and work efficiently, earn decent money, and also put a lot of skills she has gained in her college to good use. Academic writing fits her perfectly as she can hone her good analytical and writing skills as well as increase the knowledge of the field she studies.

Mary writes on various law topics, starting with simple essays on types of crime and ending with a complex research paper on the broken windows theory. Mary says, helping other students with their writing is very easy for her as she understands what makes students turn to academic help companies better than anyone.

The satisfaction rate of customers who cooperated with Mary is 95%, and a lot of them become loyal customers of, indicating that they want Mary to perform their academic tasks.

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